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Name Of The Work : CORRIGENDUM Upgradation of Automated Land Use and Development Permission Scrutiny and Approval System at SJDA.

Date : 11/01/2024
Memo No: 99/Plg/2023-24/SJDA

Name Of The Work : Minutes of the 2nd pre-bid meeting held on 08.02.2024 at 04:00 P.M. regarding Online Expression of Interest (EOI) vide no. 103/Plg/2023-24/SJDA dt. 11.01.2024 at SJDA Preparation of Land Use Map & Register (LUMR) and Land Use & Development Control Plans (LUDCP).

Date : 11/01/2024
Memo No: 103/Plg/2023-24/SJDA

Name Of The Work : CORRIGENDUM (Preparation of Land Use Map & Register (LUMR) and Land Use & Development Control Plans (LUDCP) as per the provision of West Bengal Town and Country (Planning and Development) Act 1979.)

Date : 09/01/2024
Memo No: EOI 102/Plg/2023-24/SJDA

Name Of The Work : Construction of CC Road from Malu Munda House to Durga Munda House at Neora mouza, Part no.20/160. Jummapara under Kumlai GP.Mal Block. Jalpaiguri.

Date : 26/12/2023
Memo No: 12011/32/2023-ENGG SEC-SJDA

Name Of The Work : EWS flats at Kawakhali that the last date of receving applications in connection with allotment of 422 Nos of EWS Dwelling Units by Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority.

Date : 22/12/2023
Memo No: 2432/I/Admn/892/2023

Name Of The Work : Supply of computer materials and accessories to SJDA Office, Siliguri.

Date : 19/12/2023
Memo No: 1421/VII/Admn/plg/14/95/P-XIV

Name Of The Work : Company for supply of computer materials at SJDA office, Siliguri.

Date : 05/12/2023
Memo No: 101/Admn/23-24/SJDA dated 07.12.2023

Name Of The Work : Extension of date regarding submission of application for EWS flats at Kawakhali.

Date : 30/11/2023
Memo No: 1350/I/Admn/892/2023

Name Of The Work : Supply of computer accessories at SJDA Office, Siliguri.

Date : 28/11/2023
Memo No: 92/Admn/2023-24/SJDA (4th call)

Name Of The Work : EWS dwelling units at Kawakhali within Utsodhara Teesta Township, JL No 2, Mouza Dabgram.

Date : 07/11/2023
Memo No: 1266/I/Admn/892/2023

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