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The Procedure for granting Land Use Compatibility Certificate and certificate for payment of development charges against change of use of land and building...
  • Any person or body intending to carry out any development of land or change of use of any land or change of use of any existing building shall apply to to the SJDA, in prescribed Form No.1 to obtain a certificate to the effect that the proposed use of the plot of land in question is compatible with the land use zones in the Outline Development Plan, now termed as Land Use and Development Control Plan.
  • In case of the change of use of plot of land or building after examination by the SJDA, if found to be compatible to the land use zones proposed in the Land use and Development Control Plan, the Authority will serve a provisional notice of demand of development charges to the developer in Form No.2
  • The Authority shall, after giving a reasonable opportunity of hearing objections (if any), issue the final notice of demand in Form No 3 and the developer shall pay the assessed amount within 30 days.
  • On realization of development charge on the change of use of land, the Land Use Compatibility Certificate will be issued to the developer by the SJDA.
  • Documents required to be submitted along with application for permission for development/ LUCC
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