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Name Of The Work : Construction of Pathway using Paver Block from Marapur T.E.Section No.3 to Tukra Busty via Marapur SSK School within Maniram G.P.of Naxalbari Block.

Memo No. : 467/IV/Engg/46/19
NIQ / NIT No. : 113/Engg/2023-24 of SJDA
Dated : 08/03/2024

Name Of The Work : Construction of Drinking water Reservoir, ward No.8 under SMC (BEUP)

Memo No. : 471/IV/V/Engg/42/23
NIQ / NIT No. : 106/Engg/2023-24 of SJDA (2nd call)
Dated : 08/03/2024

Name Of The Work : Renovation of Cottage No-36 for the Office of Special Superintending of police at pintel Village, Siliguri.

Memo No. : 466/IV/V/Engg/26/22
NIQ / NIT No. : 008/Engg/2023-24 of SJDA
Dated : 08/03/2024

Name Of The Work : Construction of CC Road and Covered Drainage from Union Bank (NH-55) to H/o Sangeeta Chhetri at Methibari, Dist-Darjeeling(Approx-600 Mtr.)

Memo No. : 462/IV/Engg/19/22
NIQ / NIT No. : 130/Engg/2023-24 of SJDA
Dated : 07/03/2024

Name Of The Work : Construction of Boundary Wall at Vivekananda School, Ward No.15 under SMC, Dist-Darjeeling (BEUP)

Memo No. : 460/IV/III/Engg/11/23
NIQ / NIT No. : 105/Engg/2023-24 of SJDA
Dated : 07/03/2024

Name Of The Work : Repair and Renovation Work of Art Gallery, Dist. Jalpaiguri.

Memo No. : 458/IV/V/Engg/22/23
NIQ / NIT No. : 101/Engg/2023-24 of SJDA
Dated : 07/03/2024

Name Of The Work : Repairing of Road From the House of Khageshwar Roy to the House of Mukta Laal, Boalmari, Nandanpur GP, Sadar Block, Jalpaiguri.

Memo No. : 463/IV/Engg/14/23
NIQ / NIT No. : 142/Engg/2023-24 of SJDA
Dated : 07/03/2024

Name Of The Work : Repairing of Road along with Construction of drain from Muri Factory to Gurkhawa road via Tea Garden at Gorabari and Mamata Para, Sansad- II under Fulbari-II G.P.

Memo No. : 461/IV/Engg/94/22
NIQ / NIT No. : 126/Engg/2023-24 of SJDA
Dated : 07/03/2024

Name Of The Work : Construction of Tripple Cell Box Culvert at Deepnagar Area under Dabgram -I G.P., Dist-Jalpaiguri.

Memo No. : 459/IV/Engg/43/23
NIQ / NIT No. : 114/Engg/2023-24 of SJDA
Dated : 07/03/2024

Name Of The Work : Painting at the outside of CEOs Office cum Residence Building and other allied works.

Memo No. : 12011(12)/69/2023-ENGG SEC-SJDA
NIQ / NIT No. : 091/ENGG/2023-24 OF SJDA (2nd Call)
Dated : 22/02/2024

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